As you are preparing for the upcoming holidays, make it a point to take care of yourself by involving others in the preparations and even the decision-making. Things will go more smoothly if you create an atmosphere that encourages others.


  • Eliminate Perfectionism – Learn to appreciate “Perfectly OK”. By sharing the work, things can get done in a more timely fashion, and you will be encouraging creativity in others.
  • Consider sending e-cards this year. Those friends and relatives who have e-mails would likely enjoy them as much or more than commercial cards.
  • Involve other family members in sending personalized cards to elderly or home-bound on your list.
  • Take care of yourself, and encourage members of your family to do the same. Eat well balanced meals. Exercise with a purpose, and include your family in the program if at all possible.
  • Once the “rush” of holiday times are behind you, take some time to contact friends and family who need a bit of a personal touch. A few at a time is a good way to do this. Don’t try to make it a task for a single day. Spread it out.


If you encourage others to be involved in your holiday preparations, you will not only decrease your own work, but you may also help others to identify their own special talents. Be the one who can direct, but let the others be their creative selves.


Mary Clare Sheridan, MS – Arbor Family Counseling Associates