We may have had spurts of nice weather and sunlight here and there, but the reality of having another month of winter to go hits hard for many. While it is true that winter is only 3 months long, it can often feel never-ending. For one, the holidays have come and gone. What consumed our minds for the last two months of the year is over and we are left with the unglamorous parts of the season – the mess, the stress, the chaos. It isn’t difficult to start feeling down, sad, and having the full effects of winter around us. We just spent two months planning, preparing, engaging, socializing and then enter the year feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

Our lives never cease to stop moving and thus demanding things from us. The start of January feels like a time of resolutions, but the sole focus of those is only on that first day. After that we are whooshed right back into Quarter 1 goals and expectations, back to school, and activities starting back up. To live seasonally, we must live in the day-to-day of what is happening in the present. While it is exciting to dream of the coming months or seasons, it is easy to dismiss any good or sense of calming that is happening around us currently.

The overall mood of winter is quiet, resting, waiting. And for many during the winter months, we deny ourselves the chance to fully embrace this overall tone. We forget to allow ourselves the opportunity to check in and ask “are you rested from the holidays?” or “have you taken a much-needed break before re-establishing the routine and all that is expected of you?”. Many will say they do not have the time for a break or pause or that their personal or professional lives do not allow for this. However, an essential respite or rest can present itself in different ways for all of us and can be accommodated in various ways.

  • Physical – light stretching or yoga to relieve muscle tension
  • Sensory – finding a quiet spot to remove yourself from the overstimulation
  • Spiritual – reconnecting with your beliefs
  • Mental – switching your mindset to what truly matters
  • Creative – bringing life to your hobbies or interests
  • Social – deepening nourishing relationships
  • Emotional – expressing what you are feeling

Let this be your reminder to take it slow and be gentle with yourself and those around you. Spend this time preparing for what is to come but do so with grace and consideration. Realize that right now our energy levels may be low, but that is admissible given the time of year. Prioritize the rest! Our mood, energy levels, needs, and wants do not have to coincide from season to season. Allow yourself to take a break and renew your mindset going into the next season of life.

If you are feeling burnt out or exhausted, depressed or anxious, Arbor Family Counseling is here to assist in any way we can. We will pair you with the right counselor to be a support for you during this time. For more information on our counselors or to schedule an appointment, please contact Arbor’s front office at 402-330-0960 or contact us at arborfamilycounseling.com