Why People Trust Us

Counseling Services for Children & Teens

Your Children/Teens are precious, and are facing a complicated world. Our goal is to meet whatever issues they are facing and bring both you and your child/teen the expertise needed to help develop skills, language, and hope. Therapeutic play offers children a gentle way to process whatever may be upsetting them. By observing a child’s orientation toward play, a therapist can begin to understand and respond to emotional communications from the child that are not always accessible through language. As children become older, therapy may develop to include more conversation or discussion, or the use of art, poetry, or drama as tools. These more expressive mediums can help your teenager process the confusing and sometimes intense emotions of their teenage years. They can also provide a means for addressing any underlying difficulties a teen may be experiencing at home, in school, or in their relationships with others. Our strengths-based approach, combined with our caring and creative professionals, help your child develop their best path forward.

If your child or teen is experiencing any of the issues below, it may be a sign that they need additional support.