Why People Trust Us

Counseling Services for Couples

Life is in balance when our relationships are “working”. Many couples and romantic partners seek counseling for many different reasons and at many different stages in their lives, even when the relationship seems to be “working.” None of us expect perfection in our relationships, but couples find great joy in figuring out how to address concerns without blame and escalating, and how to ask for what they need without fighting. A lot changes when you feel your partner “trying,” and couples learn to reconnect their intimacy. Improving communication, problem-solving, and intimacy are all great benefits for couples who seek continued improvement in their relationship.

Couples and relationship counseling can you you:

For Individuals

We welcome you into a partnership meant to assist in telling your story, learning your voice, making peace, and finding inner strengths to use in the healing process. We know it takes courage to call us, and we promise to meet you with compassion and encouragement.

For Couples

Life is in balance when our relationships are “working.” While perfection in a relationship is unrealistic, joy emerges when couples learn how to address concerns without blame or escalation. When you feel your partner trying, an intimate reconnection is easier to achieve.

For Families

Families encounter many challenges and changes once kids arrive, and those changes continue as they grow! Arbor professionals work with your family to strengthen communication, problem-solving, and bring enjoyment and peace back into your lives.