Student Assistance

Why People Trust Us

Arbor contracts with 7 different school districts to help both students and their families to provide a safe space to address problems and find solutions. Our counselors work through telehealth, at Arbor’s office, or onsite at their buildings.
At Arbor, we have an enormous amount of respect for the work of our primary, secondary, and university-level schools in the Omaha area. The teachers, staff, and administrators are among the best in the country. Because schools work so hard to educate the next generation of people, we at Arbor think it never hurts to have a friend. Arbor acts as a supportive friend and partner to schools through our customized Student Assistance Programs. Schools in the Omaha area have identified our student assistance services as an important part of the solution when faced with issues of stress, conflict, death, trauma, layoffs, new policy, and more.


Outside Perspective?:

Students and their families deal with a variety of issues on a daily basis. School counselors, teachers, and parents are among the most important adults in a child’s life. Sometimes, when a child or teenager is dealing with a specific issue, it helps to have someone outside of the school that they can talk to, someone who can serve as an “unbiased party” in the eyes of a child. At Arbor, our team of professionals is seasoned at helping children and teenagers deal with pressures and issues that arise.

The Soaring Cost of Student Anxiety/Depression:

The soaring cost of stress is visible to all. Stories about tragic accidents where alcohol/drug use is involved, to violence in the schools headlining national news. Student stress and anxiety are not only accepted as important, but a continual concern for educators and parents. The good news is that studies also show that psychotherapy and treatment can help students beat the symptoms and gain control of their lives.


Our staff is here to help share the responsibility of dealing with difficult issues. The work we do allows schools to spend more time on teaching and learning, and less on the following issues:
In addition, Arbor’s counselors have a high priority for teachers, staff, and administrators. Among staff, we help with the following types of issues: