For those of us in eastern Nebraska, Iowa, and surrounding areas, this past weekend brought in heavy storms and devastating tornados. The tornado that hit on Friday most severely affected hundreds of homes in the Elkhorn area and wreaked havoc on the lives of many families along the way. This level of devastation doesn’t end with the storms as families must face their new realities as they work to rebuild what was lost.

The Sunday following the storms, hundreds came together in a community-wide effort to clean up the damage and to provide relief to those in need. In a time of such loss, it is always astounding to see the community come together and support one another. Schools, utility companies, stores, businesses, etc. are pulling together funds and resources to continue to provide for these families.

There are many ways to still help and donate to those affected:

  • Nebraska & Iowa Tornado Relief Fund: Facilitated by the United Way of the Midlands, individuals can contribute to the fund to support nonprofits and neighbors impacted by this disaster through this site or by texting TORNADO24 to 41444 or calling 402.522.7962
  • The need for volunteers will vary by neighborhood, area, and city. Please call 211 for the latest on volunteer opportunities and efforts.
  • American Red Cross Nebraska
  • Omaha Rapid Response

Arbor Family Counseling shares a special partnership with many of the school districts that endured damage from the storms. On Sunday April 28th, the Elkhorn community and schools offered services for their highly impacted student community and their families. Our counselors were available at the event to support the displaced families as well as speak to ones who were home during the storms. Our counselors will also be available on-site at schools to meet with students and faculty needing reinforcement, encouragement, and comfort.

Our counselors continue to be available to speak to and support anyone during this time of loss and uncertainty. In addition to counseling, we are able to provide resources for finances and housing. We offer telehealth services to any displaced families or those without vehicles at this time. For more information on counseling services or assistance, please contact Arbor’s front office at            402-330-0960 or visit us at,41444%20or%20calling%20402.522.7962.