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Mental Health Awareness Month by Bethany Fox

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to encourage good mental health and educate ourselves on what that means, celebrate the victories in successfully managing any mental health disorder, and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. In this article, we will also discuss what can help lead to good mental health, what to say […]

Written by on May 10, 2023

Back to School

This September, life looks vastly different to all of us — in our communities, our work and our home lives. Nowhere is this shift more apparent than in our schools, where administrators, teachers, parents and children are facing unprecedented changes in adapting the way we educate and empower our youth. Concerns are now multi-layered. At […]

Written by on September 2, 2020

Moving into Fall!

  Autumn certainly holds it’s own beauty! It is time to savor nature at an amazing time of year. The activities of Fall can become quite overwhelming, especially in family life. This lifestyle of busyness deteriorates a sense of health and well-being. 1) Take time to reinforce wellness by getting out in nature and moving; walking, […]

Written by on September 18, 2013

Ending the School Year Well!

Finishing the School Year Strong! Respond to Spring Fever. As school winds down, end-of-the-year events — from music recitals to sports banquets — clog the calendar. But the academic year isn’t over yet! Making sure your kids finish with their best effort — when their efforts are required in so many different areas — can […]

Written by on May 7, 2013

Keeping the Family Strong

Keeping Family Ties Strong It’s a whole new game when it comes to family ties. The traditional family — Mom, Dad and their children – has been all but redefined by divorce, mobility and other cultural trends. It’s no secret that more couples are divorcing today that ever before (recent studies estimate the rate at […]

Written by on September 17, 2012