Finishing the School Year Strong!

Respond to Spring Fever.

As school winds down, end-of-the-year events — from music recitals to sports banquets — clog the calendar. But the academic year isn’t over yet! Making sure your kids finish with their best effort — when their efforts are required in so many different areas — can be quite a challenge. This is a great time to reinforce rewarding yourself after the work is done!!

Stick with the routine.
Try your best to stick with your child’s regular after-school routine. Require homework time and check to make sure she’s still meeting deadlines. If a progress report says your child’s work isn’t getting done, reinforce her ability to plan out her time school¬†to ensure a strong finish.

Manage the stress.
If your child is showing symptoms of stress — not eating or sleeping well or being irritable — you may want to talk to him about ways to handle the pressure of juggling too many balls. This is also an opportunity to reinforce picking and choosing the best activities to continue and which activities can go. Kids need to learn from you that too much busyness is just too much!!