This doesn’t quite conjure the same excitement for most kids as “Only 5 more days until Summer Vacation!”

What can parents do to help? Remember what you looked forward to in going back to school when you were a kid. Was it friends? Recess? School lunch? Activities?

These could be the same things your kids like too. You know what their favorite part of the day is, so focus on the positive things, the things they enjoy about school. This will make setting back in to the routine of getting up early, packing lunches, homework, and earlier bedtimes easier to handle.

Remember that children whose parents are involved and active in their education ALWAYS do better. Make time to read with them, ask them about their day – and really listen, help with homework, keep communication with teachers open. All these things, and of course proper rest and nutrition, will help parents and children to have a successful school year.

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by Christine Morgan