I am definitely enjoying the amazing accomplishments of all of the Winter Games!! Each day as I see how one-hundreds and one-thousands of a second mean the difference between gold, silver and bronze, I am inspired at the dedication these athletes have maintained to their goals! In our world, we may not be racing down the side of a mountain or twirling and spinning over the ice, but we can hold fast to our own version of olympic style goals.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve in your work, save money, cope better with depression/anxiety or even just to relax more, it will have it’s own trials and tests. On any given day, you may not see the progress until you look back and measure. 

The number one resounding truth that I have found in all of my goals is best stated in a quote by Winston Churchill “Never, never give up.” At Arbor Family Counseling, we help people daily who are struggling in the face of overwhelming odds to improve their life experience. My message to each of you is to embrace failure or getting off track as just that; temporally off of the track you are slowly building that will lead you in a great direction. I believe that sometimes our perspective strengthens when we fall off track, reinforcing our desire to be back in the direction we were headed. Yes, failure actually does reinforce commitment. 

So when you, or someone you love is discouraged, remind them of Michael Jordan’s statement: “I’ve failed over & over & over again in my life & that is why I succeed.” 

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