Arianna Crum, PLMHP, MSW, MPH

I believe that everyone has their own unique story to tell about their life experiences and how it made them who they are today. There are many life experiences that we encounter that may be difficult to understand or overcome.

Together we can identify solutions to overcome any present situation within our life. We provide a safe and non-judgmental place for individuals to heal and restore themselves to whom they would like to be. I can offer useful skills to add to your everyday life to improve health outcomes. These skills can help manage moods/behaviors, improve interpersonal relationships, improve mental health, and improve overall self-esteem.

I am experienced in helping clients find solutions to life problems, healing from previous traumas, and combating depressive symptoms. Together we can discover a new outlook to existing stressors. Our time together will be your time allowing you to focus on the problems that you feel hold the most weight in your life. Together, we will be able to identify coping skills to help alleviate current stressors.

Arianna Crum


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